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Treat them Well!!

The Cows Strike Back!!!

Hugh them and kiss them!!


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Since 26:th of October 1996

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This must be a boring site, since it has been only five visitors here .. I were the first one.I think I'll never come back here, because I almost fall to sleep when I am here...Do you feel sleepy?Are you yawning?Thinking about go to bed? It's not because you are tired, it's because you are here. But have some confidence, it may will be better soon....Just surf on and see if you will wake up and have some fun for a moment. And may be web surfer number six will surf in here soon??? Surfer number six will have my award...Just tell me and I give it to you...

What to do now? Stop creating web sites? No I can't because it's like it has poisoned me so I can't stop this adding and adding and adding...May be I should apply for memberships in "Netaholic organization?" Do they have cows there?

A guy told me that the cows could have manipulated this counter so that's why it doesn't work..Could they have done this to me? Though I treat them so well? Can they have been infected by the mad cow disease? I will have to check that out and contact a vet, just to make sure that they aren't infected.

Or is the counter broken by some other reason? I have knocked and knocked on it but it still doesn't work... I think I'll contact the counter service and ask them to repair it or maybe they'll give me a new one.

This is the newest computer virus! Please download it to your own computer.

January 1999. This is a great honor for me. Thank You.

Counter News

I have to tell you this: Last week I e-mailed the counter guys and informed them about the counter problem I had had, and asked him to come and check it out and see if they are able to fix it for me.After a while, he e-mailed me back and told me that he would come back later on and then bring some tools needed for the reparation.I never heard from him again ...So I decided to try and fix it myself.

I started to knock on the screen again and lift it up and shake it but it was too heavy for me. So, I had to put it down again . And that is when the BRILLIANT IDEA! struck me...I must get inside that screen and manipulate the digits because they must have gotten stuck. But how was I to get in there? The glass in front of the counter stopped me. My husband has got a hammer! I borrowed it. He wasn't at home this day so I didn't need to ask him first.I guess he didn't mind if I borrowed it I though.


Couldn't see the counter in there..It was completely dark in there. What to do now? Maybe if I pull out the cables and put them back again?

So I started to do that. First I pulled out the cables from the computer, then the ones from the screen, microphones,speakers, keyboard, printer and when I finished doing that I started to put everything back again.. But one of them didn't fit anywhere... One was left over..Eh..I can use it for a lamp hanging or.. ehh.. The computer didn't work! But I must fix the counter! NEW BRILLIANT IDEA!

I came to think about my neighbors! I can visit one of them. I left my house and went over to my neighbour and they let me in and allowed me to use their computer. I STARTED EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN...

I couldn't fix the counter this time either. The neighbour got mad and threw me out! THERE ARE MORE NEIGHBORS.. with computers. I MUST FIX THIS COUNTER!!

All this happened last week. I mustn't forget to call my lawyer tomorrow... The guys from the counter service sent me a new counter and this one seems to work because it has already started to count...It's not as nice as the first one but one can't get everything.

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Since February 17, 1998.

Sometimes people been asking me why do I like cows??*eeh..?*because they give out (((Slooopy splashing kisses)))


I work at the paper pulp industry here in Skutskar,and I'm a Caterpillar driver. My trucks are very big, I'm tiny...But no problems..*S* At the spare times I usually spend much time here in front of my computer but I also read a lot and listen to music and my favorite artist are Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner,Status Quo, Bryan Adams (Straight to my heart) Elton John (The way you look tonight, Sad Songs, Nikita)and many many more...! I have plenty of time listen to the music when I'm working. Time runs faster when the radio is on.

By the way....

My site is going to be about one of my hobbies, to collect cows. I have about five hundred cows in my collection. Making these sites I'm trying to get you some serious information about cow breeders and most of all, I hope to give you a great time of entertainment. So go on and play around here...

As I may be told you somewhere here , I drive a Caterpillar wheel excavator pusher.Yesterday night I pushed a lamp-post. I think I did...Suddenly it lay there and if it wasn't me who pushed it, it might have jumped on me and fallen down afterwards..

When did you last give your cows a flower??

Do you like the music here?

Hi Folks!
This is what happened to us at September 11, 1998...
Me, my husband and our son decided to leave for to the Stockholm Globe Arena, to visit and enjoy the John Fogerty performance.

We arrived about two hours before the concert started so we decided to eat something before the concert so we went away to a restaurant and ordered hamburgers and coca cola.

We got three dry hamburgers and all tables were occupied so we had to sit on the street outside the restaurant and it was a chilly day and our dry hamburgers went cold and we too.

Afterwards we went away to the globe and started to climb up to the top of it were we had our seats. But when we had climbed the whole way to the top we had to climb down again cus we were at the wrong side of the arena .

A helpful man from the staff showed us the right place to start the climbing again and we climbed up to the top of it again.It was a horror-filled experience for me to do all this climbing and I'm VERY frightened of heights so it wasn't a nice trip at all.

Anyway, the performance were great and we had a lot of fun up there. We sang , at least I think we sang and waved our arms and John said he loved us , so the concert were very worthy the struggle we had had, climbing up and down and up and down.
After the concert we climbed down again and went back home...

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Save British Cows. Don't slaughter them!

Two guys are sitting talking to each other when one of them asks the other. Do your cows smoke? No, answered the first one, surprised. Well, then it must be your cow-house burning!!!

If you paste a moo or something in my Guest Book, I'll pay you a moo back in your Guest Book. May be Mother Moo and The Crow will interrupt their holiday vacation and visit it too..How about that??

I store a statistic counter here on this site and you should know, visitors from US Government has been here at my sites and checked it out..Was he or she looking for a cow for the White House or?? May be they "stole" one of mine. There is one cow missing here..I have to store a copy of her here, instead of the original one..If you see her grazing near the White House, please tell me so I can go get her back..
Mail me and write down a breve description on how she is coloured and if she has a bell hanging around her neck and other characteristic marks so I'll be able to get sure it's my cow grazing outside the White House

I expected some people from FBI to come and pick me up because a guy e-mailed me and he was pretty angry because he didn't like that I'm offering people to download the newest computer virus. So he said he should tell the FBI about me.. So may be I have to camouflage me before I go outside the door..? Yes I'll do that!

Farm boy walking in the country with a pretty girl.  Hand in hand, they pass a field where a bull his humping a cow.  The farm boy looks at the girl and says, "Hey, I'd sure like to be doing something like that..." "Go ahead," she says, "it's your cow!"

Amanda created a Cow Guardian for me.

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Well folks, spell control said, OK! My gramma control said: "What a h-ll is this!!" And after that it collapsed... I'm happily unknowing on how bad it is. *S* As a matter of fact, I'm very happy!

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These sites are made by me, Greta Andersson. Started to create them in october 1996 I would be very grateful if you'll give me some feedback on these pages. Tell me if you find some links or some thing else here that doesn't work properly. Feel free to make your own suggestions about design, content or my gramma (I don't pay any attention to these opinions) or anything that you think would be nice to have here..

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