This is a jersey cow background!!! I will use it on my Jersey historical Account page... It will be fine for that purpose. Here comes a picture of a Jersey Cow also.

And this was the description of the Jersey Cows...
Did you like it? No???? Why???? I think it was a good story...Bye now...

Just kidding Folks!!!! Here it is. Jersey Efficient, Adaptable Breed The Jersey breed originated on the Island of Jersey, a small British island in the English Channel off the coast of France. The Jersey is one of the oldest dairy breeds, having been reported by authorities as being purebred for nearly six centuries. The breed was known in England as early as 1771 and was regarded very favorably because of its milk and butterfat production. At that early date, the cattle of Jersey island were commonly referred to as Alderney cattle although the cattle of this island were later referred to only as Jerseys. Jersey cattle were brought to the United States in the 1850's. The first Jerseys registered in the U.S. were imported in 1850. Today, there are 800,000 to one million Jerseys in the U.S., including about 250,000 Registered Jerseys.

800,000! I am impressed! Did you now that? Close to a million jersey cows!! How many cows are there in America? Including all breeds?? Anyone who knows that? I travelled at "Jersey Island three years ago and had many opportunities to study them.They were small cute cows and the farmers took very good care of them, for example they put blankets on them to protect them against the chilliness.Have you ever eaten milk-chocolate made by milk from the jersey cow? I promise, it's something special.

I have to show you some of my own cow pictures. This one I bought on Jersey, couldn't give up buying it... When one turns it up and down, it says MOOOOOO!!!!!! Can you hear it ???

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