to peak on me and one of the pushers that I drive on my work.

Below, a friendship sign from Frederic Menuié.

caterpillars gift

I work for STORA CELL in Skutskär, Sweden. Stora is a world wide forest company and the main product is paper pulp. This is a Caterpillar 824 G, a "pusher" wheel excavator. It's weight is 32 ton and it's equiped with a CAT/Baldersen standard splinter blade which takes 16 m3. My work is to build up a stack and of course to push the splinters (which freight trucks delivers to us)into big "pockets" with this engine.After that it will be transported by long transportbands to an other part of the production and so on....We use the splinters in the paper pulp production and splinter is the raw material. We mostly produce the raw materials in the factory, but we have to by a big part of it from Swedish and foreign saw mills.I have worked with this for ten years now. so I think I have got the routine now...*S*

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